Who is Safe In Harm’s Way?

Who We Are? Let us explain, please.

Hello! Safe In Harm’s Way is an international organization working with abuse survivors across the world. The US efforts are a pending non-profit 501 (c)(3) platform with fiscal sponsorship from the Foundation4 Domestic Violence Prevention.

Our efforts will create an ever-expanding web of goodness for survivors and those they love. In so doing, we will create platinum level lives and change the world. What is a platinum level life? A life where only honest people, best experiences and fabulous events are allowed to quickly and easily exist in your world. There is no shrinking from your brilliant and worthy self any longer. You will thrive. You will succeed. Life will evolve into a series of escalating events that bring about peace, safety and financial stability.

Does it sound big? YES! But it is a life meant for survivors.

Additionally, we will offer corporate training enabling employers to discover abusers who use company resources to issue abuse- thus compromising corporate integrity, reputation, safety and profits. This is a $8 billion problem for employers, and we intend to solve the problem, plus hold perpetrators accountable both personally and professionally. Join us! Life is better in the “after” of abuse.

The Safe In Harm’s Way has a dedicated mission to accomplish these goals.

How we work!

We promise three things. Confidence. Patience. The truth.

Safe| In Harm’s Way is a multi-pronged attack on domestic violence by doing three things:

  1. Highlighting the stories of survivors: We will follow one woman through her entire escape from domestic abuse. From the first discovery of horrific abuse, through leaving and thriving.
  • What did she/he do to cope?
  • How did she/he escape?
  • What did she/he do to heal?
  • We have many men and women lined up to share their stories. Our hope is someone, anyone, any loved one- will recognize themselves, or someone they love, in the presentation and escape. Leave. Thrive.
  1. Provide resources in a one stop shop. Survivors have spent their life with an abuser, slowly being dismantled from the inside out. Most times not even realizing what has been done to them until it’s too late and they are a shell of their former self. Survivors can’t even speak their own name, much less remember how the internet works and start to seek help. Safe| In Harm’s way will be the only place they have to go. We will have links to resources available.
  • Want to find out where shelters are in your area? BOOM! We got you. Pin drop your city, and we will tell you safe places to live plus how to get a restraining order in your county.
  • We will offer authors we love who are doing great work for survivors or write such funny books, you will laugh for the first time in a long time. Laughter heals, honey! Reset your brain, laugh, pick yourself up off the floor, and take a tiny step forward. Repeat.
  • Music is covered, too. Music soothes and re-sets your brain into a more receptive and positive place. We will offer suggestions and are open to hear about your favorite music, too.
  • What else do you need? We have the resources in one place. And, if we don’t, tell us and we will do the homework to make sure it’s included.
  1. Hold perpetrators accountable both personally and professionally: Unless women and men survivors start talking about the abuse, perpetrators keep on inflicting pain. The best way we have found is to have confidence and speak the truth. Are you afraid that sounds too mean? Well- being thrown against a table and spit at in front of your friends is mean, too. The best and most perfect defense against being mean is the TRUTH, and having the patience and calm, confident manner to speak it. We will tell you how.
  • The second component for holding perpetrators accountable is our Corporate Training Program. We have a smart group of people on our team. They have master’s degrees and advanced training in how to help corporations with HR issues that become front page news.
  • Safe| In Harm’s Way Training is a S Corporation, LLC. We have developed training and information that can be personalized and tailored for any organization.  Using true case studies, we will shine a light and help implement strategies that protect company reputation and profits. When an abuser uses company time and company owned resources to inflict abuse- there is a negative financial and reputation impact on the employer. We will offer training for employers to use and “sniff out” employees who inflict abuse.

We are excited for you to get to know us on this journey.

SIHW Project Work!

Confidence. Patience. The truth. We will use this simple mission statement to eradicate domestic abuse and hold perpetrators accountable- both personally and professionally.

Our immediate project work will be to overhaul and implement our website into an interactive platform to accomplish our mission, plus collateral and signage/displays for our many speaking engagements with colleges, organizations and employers.

This project work is estimated to cost $27,000 and our work will be overseen by Digital Lagoon in Kansas City, MO. The project is estimated to be completed by Summer 2020.

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