Intentionally Fearless: The Liberation of Maya Jane Clark, Chapter Four, Pray

Do you need to follow Maya Jane Clark’s story from the beginning? Start here with the Age Verification: The Liberation of Maya Jane Clark!

Let’s Take a Prayer Break, please. Hello all, it’s Maya.

Sometimes on this path, the sky gets dark. The clouds gather and the wind picks up. The sky (like my brain and body) just seems to twist and turn in zigzag thunder bolts where nothing seems to appear real. I’m turning my head and body to try and find the sun, but I ain’t got nothin’. The weeds of fear grow quickly and block the path. There’s rocks and my shoes suddenly are ripped and torn and I’m tripping over everything. Whaaat?

But I know the truth. I know that behind the dark clouds is the truth and I can speak it confidently, plus have patience in the outcome. If I just continue to put one foot in front of the other, the weeds fall back and the path becomes clear again. Each step I take finds the sun in my eyes a bit more. Another 29 steps forward, and I have to put on my sunglasses because the sun is bright, the clouds are now a perfect shade of light-blue and medium-navy. There are no weeds, just the bright purple lilac bushes that line the path and stand tall against the gentle breeze. My pathway is dust free and my open toed sandals reveal a perfect pedicure. Peace!

How does this happen? How does the magic of the truth break out from behind fear? Prayer.

As a lapsed Catholic who firmly believes in God, I consider dance as a form of prayer. When things have gone from bad to worse and I just can’t seem to see my way past unending panic and fear, I dance. I will pull over to dance in a parking lot. I will dance in a store while grocery shopping. I will dance in public and I choose to dance every single morning when I get out of bed. I can’t wait to see what song pops up on Spotify because that’s how I am already anticipating the newness of the day and the prayer that will begin with music.

You know, I have had so many people say “I’ll pray for you.” And, I believe they do. Knowing I have people praying for me helps fuel the dance. Gives the dance extra power for not only myself, but everyone I am dancing for. Because it I tell someone I will say a prayer for them, I really mean I’m going to boogie down. My arms will be over my head and a leg jump, plus hip swivel that releases an electrical current all the way to heaven for God and his (her) right hand dog, Beattlejuice.



Chapter 5 – Cartwheels of Life 


The Safe| In Harm’s Way have a lovely battle cry song. It’s by the band Joseph. The attached link is beautiful because it is just one guitar and the voices of three sisters. “Burn the White Flag” is our psalm for the day. Man o’ man does this song fit our path. Please feel free to click on the link, turn the volume up and PRAY!

The Band Joseph: White Flag

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